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Sacramento, February 25, I960 

Mr. Elmer Forslund, Secretary 
Reclamation District Wo. 684 
707 Bank of America Bldg. 
Stockton, California 

Dear Sir: 

Attached for your consideration are four copies of an applica- 
tion to the State Reclamation Board for approval of plans, namely, a 
location map showing, in red, the location for aerial wire over the 
levee "between Roberts Island and Vulcan Island and a pole, anchor and 
"buried wire in the toe of the south side of the levee, in San Joaquin 
County, California. 

The pole is an existing Pacific Gas and Electric Company 
pole in which the Telephone Company is purchasing one-half interest. 

If the application is satisfactory, please secure the necessary 
signatures of the Trustees of the District and returr\ tjire g copies to 
the undersigned for submittal to the Reclamation Board\for final approval 

The fourth copy is for your file. 

Yours very truly, 


ight of Way Supervisor 
10(36 - 14th Street 
Sacramento, California 

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in 2013 

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